Kolme k​ä​keä

This album began with research on the field collections of Aukusti Robert Niemi in Finland, Karelia, and Lithuania. He was investigating the connection between Finnic and Baltic languages, and pioneered the field collection of sutartines. The texts from this album were largely collected by him. However, a dark winter changed our focus to the themes of lament and loss, and the album finds itself caught in the space between melancholy and groove.

Released May 9, 2023

Tuta Tuta

Our second album Tuta Tuta contains songs centred around secundas and other dualities. Within the rampant pandemic polarity, we seek to find harmony in the dissonance. This album was recorded in Toronto with tree harps recorded in Wasaga, Ontario.
Released August 6, 2022

Ninth Tree Standing

This album was recorded on hollow trees strung with steel and horsehair strings in the forest near Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. It contains traditional chants from the Lithuanian sutartine tradition, and runos from Karelia and Ingria.

Released October 3, 2021