Honeypaw was invited to the festival Mėnuo Juodaragis to install four tree harps in Dūburys island, Lituania, in the burtų kiemas. Hundreds of people played the interactive installations, including well known kanklės players like Agota Zdanavičiūtė and Toma Čepaitė. The installations were constructed of plywood and secured to dead pine trees with rope.  Because there are not many large dead trees in Lithuania, we added sound boxes to our design for amplification, and the sound boxed formed the tails of the bird sculptures.  We first installed the tree harp sculptures for our concert in Vyžuona park in Utena. A additional tree harp sculpture was constructed for an exhibition Artefaktas: Kultūrinė naktis, POKŠT. The tree harp sculptures were in the form of a cuckoo, falcon, swan, and goose.