Spring 2023

A Tree Harp was installed in Kuhasalo park in Joensuu, Finalnd, as part of a guest lecture in Eastern Finland University.

Summer 2022

Tree Harps were installed in Vyzuona park and the Menuo Juodaragis festival during our 2022 tour of Lithuania.

Summer 2021

Honeypaw’s first album, recorded on hollow trees strung with steel and horsehair strings.  Nine traditional songs tell of trees and cuckoo birds.

Autumn 2020

A short film based on three sutartines that may have been lost to history.  Attachable harps reflect the nature of the trees and the songs.

Summer 2020

Nine videos of sutartines played on tree harps built into century-old cedar stumps on Manitoulin island.

2019 - present

Since 2019, we have been sharing Tree Harp projects on Instagram, including experiments prior to the formation of Honeypaw.